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Fantech launches its esports-focused gaming peripherals in Singapore

Singapore, 12 December 2019 – Fantech announces that they are expanding their line to cater to game enthusiasts in Singapore.  The leading brand specializes in gaming gear and accessories such as precision gaming mice and mechanical keyboards.  After securing markets in Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, and Myanmar, the company will now introduce thousands of Singaporean gamers to their product line.

Expanding into Singapore is the latest in a long line of steps Fantech is taking in the region. “We’re pleased to bring our fantastic gaming gear to more and more markets,” advises Fandy Pinardy, CEO of Fantech.  “Singapore’s gaming scene is growing all the time. Therefore, it is only natural that we should cater to a market in need of leading, responsive technology.”

“Gaming in Southeast Asia is only going to get bigger. Therefore, we want our Singapore fans to prepare themselves for new challenges.  There is nothing quite like a responsive gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset combination. It really changes the game.”

The gaming landscape in Southeast Asia

The gaming scene in Southeast Asia (SEA) is one of the fastest-growing gaming markets in the world.  Over US$4 billion was invested in the industry in 2019. Fantech is, therefore, keen to monopolize on a need for high-quality gaming gear in new territories.  It is not just in the region which is getting involved as gaming genres such as massively multiplayer online (MMO), and first-person shooter (FPS). Plus, eSports titles such as Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2), League of Legends, and Apex Legends are also gaining a lot of traction around the world.

Overwatch, too, is a massively popular multiplayer game which is made easier with the help of intuitive gamer gear and supports. With Overwatch 2 on the horizon, Singapore gamers will want to stock up on even more Fantech gaming supplies. 

Fantech accessories and equipment support players involved in eSports across Asia.  Professional and amateur gamers can communicate and strategize with their teammates with ease.  They have left a significant footprint across the region, and the news that they will be reaching out across Singapore is an indication that they show no signs of slowing things down.

Fantech’s exclusive range of gaming gears

Fantech’s exclusive range of PC and gaming peripherals will appeal to Singaporeans interested in enhancing their gaming experiences.  Adaptive, mechanical keyboards such as the MAX PRO MK851 are hugely popular with Eastern players, equipped with 19 spectrum RGB illumination, anti-ghosting keys, and dedicated media control and USB hub.  The company also offers optical switch keyboards that provide both speed and precision, such as the OPTILITE MK872, PANTHEON MK882, OPTILUXS MK884, and OPTIMAX MK885.

Strategy games become even more precise with the help of the UX1 HERO mouse, offering 16,000 DPI, eight macro programmable buttons, and seven spectrum RGB illumination.  With the most accurate gaming sensor ever with next-gen precision and a ground-up architecture, UX1 HERO can achieve competition-level accuracy and the most consistent responsiveness ever. Other gaming mice that gamers can look forward to are X17 BLAKE featuring Pixart 3325 sensor with up to 20 million clicks, and Amazon’s top seller, X9 THOR.

For the ultimate in gaming comfort, Singapore gamers can also invest in the ALPHA GC-183, a tilting, reclining gaming chair, focused on ergonomic and the best build-quality.   Branded with the Fantech insignia with an overall black design, the ALPHA GC-183 takes what makes gaming chairs great and cranks the dial closer to perfection.

Fantech is a brand that will continue to listen carefully to the burgeoning Southeast Asian gaming scene.  Gamers in Singapore can now purchase gear from their online eStore on Lazada, and can also connect with the brand through social media.  Gamers looking to upgrade their PCs can also look forward to new offerings from Fantech in the near future, such as gaming controllers, tower cases, and fans.